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Products - Sporting Goods


The sporting goods industry is constantly looking for advanced lightweight materials to improve performance.  DWAT's Micro & Nano MMCs have higher performance to cost ratio than titanium alloys or carbon-fiber composites. Some of the industries that we serve with performance materials that outperform competing materials include: 

  • High Performance Bicycle Frames and Components

  • Golf Clubs

  • High-end Baseball Bats

The road racing bicycles made from DWA's MMC tubes by Griffen USA have received recognition and are highly valued in the market. ^This flying machine (Griffen MMC bike) is without doubt the fastest bike on the market ̄, said Dave Scott, who is a 6-time Ironman Triathlon world champion.  The lightweight, high strength and high wear resistance make DWA's Micro & Nano MMCs excellent materials for frames, chain-rings, cranks and wheel rims.   




The golf club market has needed new advanced material for some years. This has been made particularly urgent during the past five years as the price of titanium alloy has increased many times during that period.  The golf club industry is looking for new-lightweight metal materials that have better performance and lower cost than titanium alloys. DWA's Nano-7 MMC has higher specific yield strength, is 40% lighter and can be provided at lower cost than typical titanium alloys being used in golf clubs today.


The high-end baseball bat market requires the properties and cost structure that DWA's Nano-7 MMCs offer to reach the next level of performance.  DWA's Nano-7 MMCs achieve yield strength levels of 102 ksi (703 MPa), which is the highest of any aluminum alloys, yet still has the weight of aluminum.


DWA Technologies is working with industry leaders in golf clubs and baseball bats to develop the next generation of their products.  


Please contact us for detailed technical data of Micro & Nano MMCs and engineering assistance for sporting goods applications.