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The excellent specific strength and other properties make DWA Technologies' Micro & Nano MMCs superior to aluminum alloys, titanium alloys and carbon-fiber composites for high performance applications and can be provided at affordable cost.  We supply Micro & Nano MMC base stock and intermediate phase products to our customers who are the designers and providers of end-user products in the following markets:



Base stock is Micro & Nano MMC extrusions in the form of rods. Intermediate phase products are Micro & Nano MMC base stock which has been further processed into tubes, strips, rolled sheets, forged blanks, machined parts and welded structures. DWA's customers further process the intermediate phase products into their finished MMC products.


The metal workability of DWA's MMCs is similar to aluminum alloys. DWA provides guidelines for extrusion, rolling, machining, heat treatment, welding and surface finishing to our customers.