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Products - Performance Automotive and Racing


Performance automotive and racing components utilize DWA MMCs' light weight, high temperature strength, high modulus, high fatigue resistance, high wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ("CTE") and high thermal conductivity to increase engine power and acceleration rates, and to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. DWA Technologies partners with industry leaders to offer the following products: 

  • Engine Pistons

  • Piston Connection Rods

  • Rear Wheel Driveshafts

  • Break Calipers

  • Cylinder Liners

  • Push Rods

  • Rocker Arms

  • Valve Guides

  • Wheels

Forge Blanks & Finished Piston

Finished Driveshaft



Please contact us for detailed technical data of Micro & Nano MMCs and engineering assistance.