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Products - BORTEC® Neutron Absorbing Material


Nuclear power is an emission free, low cost and unlimited energy solution to electrical power generation.  The 433 nuclear power reactors in the world are generating 16% of the world's electricity.  Twenty percent of the US electricity is generated by 103 nuclear power plants. There are over 35 new nuclear power plants under construction globally and more are planned to meet the ever increasing demand for electricity.  However, the huge amount of accumulated spent nuclear fuel ("SNF") is the biggest unsolved problem in the nuclear industry.  The accumulated SNF around the world is expected to reach 771,000,000 lbs (350,000,000 kgs) by 2010.


SNF is a highly radioactive material.  Its radioactivity can last thousands of years.  It is first stored underwater in a large pool at the reactor site for 5-10 years while it cools.  It is then transported to a reprocessing facility or is placed in interim dry storage until permanent dry storage facilities can be developed.


Neutron absorbing material ("NAM") is necessary for all stages of SNF storage and transportation, as well as for new nuclear fuel packaging to prevent nuclear chain reactions from occurring.


Dry Storage Cask

A typical dry cask storage system


DWA's BORTEC® neutron absorbing material (its boron carbide reinforced Micro MMC) is used and approved by the nuclear industry. It has better performance characteristics than existing NAMs such as Borflex™, Boral®, borated aluminum and borated stainless steel. DWA Technologies' BORTEC® has passed a series of in-depth nuclear compatibility tests conducted by Northeast Technology Corporation. The 72-page Test Report  shows that BORTEC® is suitable for SNF wet and dry storage. BORTEC® was used in an advanced fuel project by the Department of Energy, and used in transportation casks of spent nuclear fuel.


DWA has developed a family of BORTEC® neutron absorbing sheets. They have uniform boron areal density and good mechanical properties, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. BORTEC® is available in three sheet product forms with competitive prices for a variety of nuclear applications.


Please contact us for detail technical data of Micro & Nano MMCs and engineering assistance for neutron absorbing material.